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Good Friday Corporate Confession

By Craig McAlevey
April 23, 2018

Below is a copy of our Corporate Confession from our Good Friday Gathering.



Eternal Father, you are good, holy and beyond all measure.

You lovingly and purposefully created all things to declare your glory. You created me specifically to bear your image, yet I believed the lie and rebelled.  Even the creation groans.

Heavenly Father in your goodness and from your grace and mercy you made the promise to redeem and restore mankind and all creation to yourself.

Oh Eternal One — I confess that I am not righteous, I confess that I do not understand, I do not seek after you. I confess that I have turned aside from your goodness. I confess that goodness escapes me.

I confess that deception, curses and bitterness flow from my throat.

I confess that I am quick, in fact, eager to hate, lust, and covet.

I confess that peace escapes me, fear of the Holy One is non-existent in my heart.

And yet…. I confess that I am dumfounded by these truths

I once spread branches and sang Hosanna upon your arrival.

I confess that mere days later at the Saviors trial, when Pilate attempted to release him, I wholeheartedly agreed with the crowd and shouted:




Jesus, my savior, I often question how Judas could follow you for 3 years, and yet sell you for 30 pieces of silver.  

I confess I would have gladly done it for less

Almighty God, tonight I contemplate the darkness. I confess that I readily contribute to the ugliness of this fallen and broken world.

As I ponder the dark landscape of eternity past, present, and future littered with human sin and brokenness, I see in the distance a shape and a figure ——

The shape is red stained and the figure is heavy laden.

The shape suspends the figure that embodies the eternal weight of all my sin

The shape is familiar, but the figure is scarred, unsightly, unrecognizable, despised and forsaken.

The shape is the cross

The figure is my JESUS

My confession has been accepted and your promise fulfilled.

Everlasting God, thank you for your steadfast love. 

Christ Jesus thank you for your obedience.