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Faithful – Corporate Confession

By Sam Tunnell
May 1, 2018

Lord we come to you today, distracted and detached

We have lived of this world and not just in it

Our thoughts, attentions, and affections are given to the cares of a world that passes away

When things loom impossible over us, we rally our own strength or walk away in despair

We have been long in turning to you

We have been long in relying on you

We have been long in considering you

In short, we have loved this world and its cares more than you

Father forgive us our self-reliance 

Turn our hearts again to you

Empower us to rely upon you

Tune our hearts to the things of your heart

Set our minds and affection on your kingdom

God thank you

Thank you that you never deny yourself

Thank you that you are faithful when we are faithless